Down the Rabbit Hole is an alternate setting for Mage the Ascension. The world of DTRH diverges from the normal Mage metaplot at the creation of the Avatar Storm. Rather than having the gauntlet thicken and magick become weaker, the gauntlet all but breaks down, and magick becomes uncontrollable. The world is plunged into chaos, as the spirits of the Umbra are able to cross into the material world at a rate that the world had never imagined. The earth’s landscape is ravaged by constant Umbral storms, and beings of unimaginable horror roam the landscape. The only places of safety are small towns that are able to shield themselves from the storm. Faced with the supernatural, the governments of the planet crumble and a vacuum of power is created that is filled by the Order of Hermes. Shortly after the Order and the other 8 traditions secure power, the Order disbands the Council of Nine, and takes complete control. After the Order secured its position as rulers of the world, they began a horrible campaign to sterilize the world of the ‘lesser’ beliefs.

The players start in a town called Junction which is led by a powerful mage by the name of Fransis Estaban Thane. The players are Quintessence hunters, which is the lifeblood of the towns defenses. Fransis is an ex Hermetic, and left the Order immediately after the Order disbanded the council. His presence is the sole reason why the town has not been attacked by the Order, as they find the risks of attacking a town defended by such a powerful Mage not worth the effort.

NEW RULE: WILD MAGICK Because the Spiritual world has become mixed with the material, the energies that power Magickal workings have become difficult to control. Because of this, whenever magick is cast, if Quintessence is not spent, the spell suffers from Wild Magick. Take the spells highest Sphere rank and add that many dice to the Arete roll. If the Wild Magick dice fail to meet the difficulty of the spell, the Wild Magick ‘go off’.

Wild Magick Effect Chart

1- Damage to Self

2- Damage to Other

3 – Buff Random Attribute (Roll a d10 on a 10 buff all attributes)

4 – Heal

5 – Augmentation (Horns, Gills, Claws, etc)

6 – Drain Random Attribute (Roll d10 on a 1 drain all attributes)

7 – Deformity (Extra gimp arm, 3rd nipple, etc.)

8 – Surge of Will

9 – Keep Wild Magick Successes and roll Wild Magick again

10 – GM Choice >.<

Note: Wild Magick does not need to spend its first success on effect as it is attached to the Magick that was cast to bring it about. In the case of a botch, all Wild Magick dice succeed and are doubled.


Jerry is playing his character Neeji, an Akashic Brotherhood Mage. Jerry wants to have Neeji create a blast of magickal energies in a radius around him. Jerry rolls his Arete of 3 at a difficulty of 6. Because the highest Sphere rank being used in the spell is 3, Neeji rolls an extra 3 dice for Wild Magick. Jerry gets a 6, 7, 4, with his Arete dice, and 3,2,9, with his Wild Magick Dice. Therefore, Jerry gets 2 successes with his normal dice, and 2 successes with his Wild Magick dice. Jerry then rolls a d10 to see what the effect of the wild magick is. Jerry manages to roll a 1 so the Wild Magicks effect is Damage to himself. Jerry decides to spend 1 success on effect, and one success on area for his forces blast. Therefore Neeji creates his forces blast, but also takes 5 aggravated damage from the Wild Magick. Jerry wishes he had spent a Quintessence on his roll.

Down the Rabbit Hole